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Cooperative Learning

Summary of Research on Cooperative Learning
  1. Organizing groups based on ability should be done sparingly.

  2. Cooperative groups should be kept small in size.

  3. Cooperative learning should be applied consistently and systematically, but not overused.

Cooperative Learning five defining elements:
        1.    Positive interdependence
        2.    Face-to-face interaction
        3.     Individual and group accountability
        4.    Interpersonal and small group skills
        5.    Group processing

Classroom Practice in Cooperative Learning
  • Use a variety of criteria for grouping students.
  • Use avariety of group patterns:  Informal or ad hoc (last few minutesof a class period), formal (long enough to complete an academicproject) and base groups (semester or year, providing students withlong-term support).
  • Managing group size - keep groups small.
  • Combine cooperative learning with other classroom strategies.

Technology Resources

Title:  The Great Solar System Rescue, The Great Ocean, Tom Snyder Products

Title:   WebQuests
Grade Level:  All grade levels
Curricular Areas:  All content areas

Website link:  http://webquest.org/

Title:  George Lucas Foundation Instructional Module 
Grade Level:
Curricular Area:
Description:These activities introduce the participants to numerous educational Websites. They promote Internet use with all grade levels.   

Website Link:  http://www.edutopia.org/modules/TI/resources.ph

 Software Applications

Title: Word Processing 
Grade Level:
Curricular Area:
Description: Students can collaborate, share information and peer edit using theComments or Track Changes features.  Students can collaboratewriting progressive stories.
Resources:   MS Word

Website Link:   http://www.microsoft.com/educatio 

Title:  Email
Grade Level:
Curricular Area:
Description: Students could join e-pal projects, share documents via attachments.

Website Link:  Gaggle email -  http://www.gaggle.net/ -

provides teacher-controlled email student accounts for them to exchange and share information. 

Title:  Multimedia Project 
Grade Level:
Curricular Area:
Resources (Files, Websites, etc.):  Slide show, movie editing, graphics applications.

Title:  Web page editing
Grade Level:
Curricular Area:

Website Link:  Manila -  http://manila.userland.com/ to share information.

Title:  Spreadsheets
Grade Level:
Curricular Area:
Resources:  Microsoft Excel

Website Link:  http://www.microsoft.com/education

Title:  Resources
Grade Level:
Curricular Area: any
Description: Screen Timer allows teachers to set a timer on their computer screen. This is especially helpful when doing cooperative learning activities.

Website Link:  http://www.ncrtec.org/timer/

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