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Q:  How do I see my reports?
A:  The easiest way to view a list of reports is to click on the appropriate folder from the Categories section within InfoView.
Q:  What does it mean when students have an Achievement Level of "0"?  I thought Level 1 was the lowest?
A:  A "0" Level suggests that the student has taken the FCAT in one of the other content areas, but not the content area specified by the report you are viewing.  For example, you are looking at the Reading Detail Report.  Johnny took the Math FCAT, but not the Reading portion.  He will be marked as a Level "0".  Students receiving the N/T distinction did not take either of the sections.
Q:  How can I make sure that I print only the information for my class and not information for the whole school?
A:  It is important to specify the exact pages that you want to print.  You should use the page arrows at the top of the window to determine exactly where a report begins and ends.  See page 16 in the Desktop Student Data Systems manual for more details.
Q:  What's the best thing I can do right now to get ready to present DSDS to my staff?
A:  Get familiar with those reports that your teachers will have access to when they login.  Principals will be able to see more reports, than teachers. 
Q:  The new school year begins in "x" weeks and I can't seem to get my Teacher Class Roster--Test Score Information Reports to work properly.   What am I doing wrong?
A:  You're probably not doing anything wrong.  In most cases, this is a result of class scheduling not being completed.  Once schedules are all the way done, everything should work fine.
 Q:  I just want to find out how many Inservice Points I have.  What do I do?
 A:  Login as you would for any other report.  Click here for more detailed instructions.