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The Slightly Mad Scientist

Brett Poole - Challenger 7 Elementary School







The Slightly Mad Scientist

Our project, “The Slightly Mad Scientist”, has the goal of making short educational science videos to teach science concepts and vocabulary terms to elementary students in a fun and entertaining way.   We are proud of the progress we have made, but slower than we anticipated. 


1.    We have completed 4 videos, which have been a hit with the students and faculty; and have many more ideas for episodes that we are working on.

2.      We have had a chance to expand to not only doing videos, but to making guest appearances for a school wide assembly and Mims Elementary School’s “Love of Reading Day”.

3.      Collaboration between 5th and 6th Grade Teachers, Media Specialist, and Tech Specialist. 

4.      GLE’s are covered and it gives teachers a creative way to begin a lesson. 

Problems that we have come upon:

1.      Camcorder does not have good audio and no jack for microphone, so our sound quality is not good at times. 

2.      Scheduling for filming.  We have four individuals with schedules that take us in different directions throughout the day and we have found it hard to find times when everyone can find a time to film. 


  • Brent Poole “Slightly Mad Scientist”
  •  Brian Gooden “Mad Scientist Assistant”
  •  Trever Branam “Website design”,
  •  Chris Scauzillo “Videographer”